Top of mind for CEOs in the upstream Oil & Gas industry

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Over the past few days I have attended  several strong panel sessions, where top executives in Energy have been sharing their views on the future of the Oil industry here at ADIPEC 2016.

Below are some of the most common top of mind issues facing the Oil & Gas Industry:

  1. How to stretch the dollar throughout the lower for longer price scenario.. without draining the life of key service providers and without loosing strategic capabilities that are needed for future project
  2. How to avoid costs creeping back in once oil prices recovers, how to make costs programmes sustainable
  3. How to continue to attract investments to avoid a shortage in supplies in the medium term – counter cyclical investments are extremely difficult to get through board approval
  4. How to attract and retain young talent in an industry that by many (especially in the west) is seen as driver of environmental issues and even marked as an “low interest market” by the CEO of SEIMENS Global Energy, as they now are focusing on sustainable energy solutions.

Copenhagen Strategy is attending ADIPEC 2016 as a member of the Middle East Petroleum Club.



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