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We are strategy execution facilitators! We love to bring strategies to life while at the same time carefully ensuring that strategic leadership and key controls never leaves the organisation!

We provide you and your management team with proven strategy execution tools, related governance framework and naturally all our know-how. 

Also, we utilise our proven experience and strong capabilities in Management Reporting, Business Performance Management and Dashboarding to effectively support our clients to improve their business performance.

Building on our insights we facilitate a range of high-impact workshops around the world – Feel free to contact us for a non-committing talk on how we can help you


Nothing is impossible, we will find a solution

Is unconditional

– We can’t be bought by suppliers 

Simplicity is an art we are proud of mastering

Knowledge driven

We are committed to constantly stay updated on latest trends and techniques in Strategy Execution and Business Performance Management. With this commitment in-mind, we strive to balance our time between consulting, research and workshop facilitation.

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Founder &
Principal Partner

Founder & Managing Consultant

Copenhagen Strategy A/S is founded by Rene Palne, who has extensive experience in Strategy Execution, Business Performance Management and  Stakeholder Management from corporate settings in major international businesses.

Professional experience is backed by a strong theoretical background in Strategic Finance from IMD and a B.Sc. in Business Transformation & Performance Management from Copenhagen Business School

Throughout his corporate career, he has been involved in a number of strategic projects, partnering with major consulting companies (McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), BAIN & Co., Accenture, PWC) and through these engagements gained an strong knowledge and insights, shared by some of the best management consultants in the world.

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