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    Are unfocused projects killing your strategy?

    Unfocused projects steals your resources

    Your organisation may be world-class when it comes to executing projects – BUT are you confident that all of your projects compliments the current strategy? And, are you confident that your organisation only spend resources and time on projects that are truly needed? (more…)

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  • Low success rate for organisational redesigns

    A McKinsey’s study from 2015 shows that less than a quarter of all organizational redesigns are succesful! McKinsey identify the main reason as a lack of structured approach, both in terms of preparation and execution. They suggest 9 rules to follow to significantly increase likelihood of success.


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  • Change does not equal Transformation

    “Transformation” is an extremely popular word in todays business vocabulary, it seems to cover anything from minor process and organisation adjustments to complete redesign of business purpose, organisation and value chain – This, to me, indicates there might be some confusion between what constitutes “Change” versus “Transformation”. (more…)

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  • “Lower for longer” just became lower for even longer..

    A new major US discovery, effectively puts a lid on any future oil price increases above the level of 60 $/bbl.
    Even before this discovery, a return to an 80-100$ oil price scenario seemed unlikely in the foreseeable future, especially as OPEC will not be willing to cut their production only (more…)

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  • Top of mind for CEOs in the upstream Oil & Gas industry

    Over the past few days I have attended  several strong panel sessions, where top executives in Energy have been sharing their views on the future of the Oil industry here at ADIPEC 2016.

    Below are some of the most common top of mind issues facing the Oil & Gas Industry: (more…)

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