Strategy Execution

Lifting a strategy from paper to live operations is a major challenge for most management teams and research has shown that close to 70% will fail!

This high rate of failure is, in general, caused by a mixture of few internal resources with strategy execution capabilities and a lag of proven tools and frameworks to support the execution process – Give us a call to improve your likelihood of success from day one.

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Management Reporting

Management reporting is actually quite simple, just provide the right information to the right people at the right time and in the right format… In reality, and despite all the new IT solutions available, this is one of the biggest challenges facing CFOs today. 

Elevate your current management reporting to new levels, get in touch for a non-committing talk on how we can be of assitance.

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Our Services

We provide the proven tools and governance structures that our clients need to manage any strategy execution effort, while at the same time actively tracking and mitigating key risks and proactively keeping all stakeholders updated with timely and relevant information.

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Performance Management 

Your performance management framework must be agile enough to facilitate quick change – otherwise, your organization might be working towards goals that do not support your strategy or in the worst case against it!

Review and update your performance management framework to support strategic agility and to improve your operational performance.

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KPIs & Dashboards

A major challenge for any reporting manager is the tracking and reporting of KPIs on a consistent and globally aligned basis, hence many organizations are tracking and reporting only a few critical KPIs that are relevant to their current strategic targets while leaving many other vital and strong performance indicators untracked!

We have proven experience from leading global implementations of corporate performance management systems, including the definition, tracking and reporting hundreds of KPIs and online access to self-service BI for 1.000+ users.  

Get in touch and we can be supporting your dashboard project already from today.

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