Business Performance Management

A strong Business Performance Management framework must be able to balance short-term with long-term, operations with strategy and financials with non-financials!

Review your Performance Framework

A strong performance management framework must balance short-term with long-term, operations with strategy and financials with non-financials and last but not least be able to support performance dialogues and bonus schemes based on agreeable targets and objectives for a given period.  

Any client engagement starts by identifying the specific needs, whereafter we tailor the process to address each of these in details.

A review process can be anything from a completely new Business Performance Management Framework build from scratch to a light touch update of an existing one.

A review might include some of the following:

  • Mapping the requirements of the key stakeholders
  • Mapping and analysis of all current performance reporting and KPIs
  • BI landscape mapping and data availability analysis
  • Strategic alignment gap analysis
  • Gap analysis of current reporting vs. identified requirements
  • Presentation of recommendations
  • Prioritized high-level implementation plan

Why Us

We have the insights and the capabilities to facilitate a thorough review of your Performance Management framework, leading to valuable insights, that will present strong opportunities to improve agility and strategic support.

Proven experience in building, developing and optimising performance frameworks within both local and global corporate environments.

By applying an independent and external point of view, we express and discuss exactly how we see a given situation – holding nothing back.

We engage with you and your team when and where needed anywhere across the globe.

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