KPI’s & Dashboards

Performance must be measured constantly across a wide range of KPIs and should be presented in tailored dashboards that provide the reader with a precise picture of current performance

Time to take action

The latest developments in Business Intelligence (BI) and Dashboarding/data visualization tools, has pushed reporting far beyond the monthly/quarterly financials!

At the same time, it has become much less complex and significantly less expensive to invest in online dashboard tools and KPI monitoring compared to what it was only a few years back.

One major challenge still remains, that is to secure data quality and alignment, with new tools, even this is now becoming a less complex task.

Your business performance data should be readily available on your phone, iPad or laptop, in interactive dashboards that enable efficient and effective decision making and quick analysis of performance issues – If this is not how it works in your organization, then now is the right time to take action!

Why Us

We have strong experience in developing and implementing financial and non-financial KPIs for international organisations. and with building Dashboards for strategic, operational and analytical purposes. 

We also have vast experience in developing and designing dashboards supporting strategy execution, operational performance, self-service BI and analytical purposes. 

We are completely independent and related to suppliers of any BI solutions, this enables us to provide unbiased advice related to the BI and dashboard solutions available in the market.

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