KPIs & Dashboards

Business performance must be measured constantly across a wide range of KPIs and should provide you with a precise picture of progress against any key strategic objectives.

Time to take action

Over the past decade the development in Business Intelligence, has pushed the business performance reporting toolbox very far beyond the monthly/quarterly financials and taking advantage of this development has become much less complex than it was only a few years back.

The performance information must be readily available on your phone, iPad or laptop in dashboards that visualise data and helps you to interpret the meaning – If this is not how it works in your organisation, now might be the right time to take action.

Why Us

We have the proven capabilities and resources available to do a thorough review and to support the implementation of a subsequent adjustment to an organisations business performance framework.

As an independent consulting company, we are not bound to any suppliers of BI solutions. This enables us to always provide an unbiased advise to our clients of the real pros and cons of the BI and dashboard solutions available in the market.

Our approach

Any client engagement starts by identifying the specific needs, whereafter we tailor the process to address each of these in details.

Therefore the review process can become anything from a completely new Business Performance Management Framework build from scratch to a light touch update of an existing one.

A review can include some of the following work:

  • Mapping the requirements of the Key users of performance information
  • Mapping and analysis of all current performance reporting and KPIs
  • IT mapping and analysis
  • Strategic alignment gap analysis
  • Gap analysis of current reporting to identified needs
  • Presentation of recommendations
  • Prioritised high level implementation plan

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