Management Reporting

Management Reporting

Management reporting is actually quite simple, just provide the right information to the right people at the right time and in the right format… In reality, and despite all the new high-tech solutions available, this is one of the biggest challenges facing CFOs today. 

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Why Us

We have the insights and the capabilities available to facilitate a thorough problem solving process, leading to valuable insights and strong strategic optionality.

Our main concern is to provide you with a good solution to your problem. We apply an independent and external point of view through an unbiased mindset, we are not afraid to express and discuss exactly how we see a given situation – holding nothing back.

We can engage with you and your team when and where needed across the globe.

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Possible Actions

To most effectively solve the problem, we suggest to start a rigorous and structured situation analysis, that will form the basis for our proposed solutions and implementation plans.

The analysis involves key elements like:

Setting an initial hypothesis (how to solve the problem), Identification of Key drivers, Market intelligence, Business performance analysis, Peer Benchmarking, Interviews with key stakeholders, workshops, risks and risk mitigation.

The analysis forms the basis for building and presenting you with the strategic options and proposed actions.


To ensure great results in every client engagement, we have embedded our problem solving approach in a structured process that over and over again has proven its value – ultimately leading to proposed solutions being :

  • Value adding
  • Fact based
  • Structured
  • Executable

“When your current business model comes under pressure, do take the time to carefully analyse and evaluate the situation – the range of strategic options available will often surprise you”

René Palne

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