Management Reporting

Management Reporting

Management reporting is actually quite simple, just provide the right information to the right people at the right time and in the right format… In reality, and despite all the new high-tech solutions available, this is one of the biggest challenges facing CFOs today. 

We have the experience and capabilities needed to move your management reporting to new levels!

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Management Reporting is all about enabling effective and efficient decision making!

Review your Management Reporting  

Before providing management with any kind of reporting, one should first understand the purpose of that reporting by asking if it is: 

– Intended to keep people informed but with no specific actions to follow
– Intended for review and feedback
– Intended for action and decision making
– At all relevant to the receiver

You can then tailor the reporting to support that specific purpose. We have the tools and processes to facilitate a review of all of your management reporting. 

Expected outcomes from a review:

– 30-50% reduced time spent on reporting
25% reduction in the number of reports going to the management team
– Elimination of double and/or  irrelevant reporting
– Release of time to focus on business analytics instead of reporting

Why Us

We have the insights and the capabilities available to facilitate a thorough review of all reporting currently delivered to management, leading to valuable insights, that will present strong opportunities to lift your management reporting to new levels.

Proven experience in building, developing and optimising management reporting within both local and global executive and non-executive environments.

We apply an independent and external point of view through an unbiased mindset, we are not afraid to express and discuss exactly how we see a given situation – holding nothing back.

We can engage with you and your team when and where needed across the globe.

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