Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution

Utilising proven tools and strong frameworks to support your strategy execution will significantly improve your odds of a successful outcome in line with the aspirations outlined in the strategy. 

Successful strategy execution entails a strong focus on governance, stakeholder management, risk mitigation, planning, communication, target setting, expectation alignment, management reporting and strategic prioritisation – If your execution team is missing any of these tools or capabilities, you are exposing your new strategy to a major risk!

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Successful Strategy Execution requires much more than a clear strategy and a strong implementation plan – research shows that close to 70% will fail in bringing their strategy to life!

Our Strategy Execution Framework contains

Strategic alignment heat map

Execution Risk management

Stakeholder mapping and management

Execution planning with clearly identified milestones and KPIs

Strategic activity prioritisation to focus organisation resources towards execution activities, scaling down secondary activities

 Work stream identification and organisation

Governance frameworks

Communication plans

Alignment of incentive targets to new strategy

Management reporting on execution progress vs KPIs and Milestones

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We have the experience, the capabilities and the tools to support your strategy execution efforts. Providing you with the assurance that strategic misalignment is managed, key risks are mitigated and all key stakeholders are kept up to date.

Proven experience from providing strategy execution support to major international organisations as well as local business units and functions.

We engage with you and your team when and where needed anywhere across the globe.

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