Upcoming Workshops

Strategy Execution 3-day workshop

copenhagen 19. Mar. 2018

Dashboard Design & Data visualization 2-day workshop

Copenhagen 22. Mar. 2018

Business Performance Management 2-day workshop

Copenhagen 09. Apr. 2018

About our workshops 

We facilitate high-impact and high-quality workshops in Strategy Execution, Dashboarding and Business Performance Management anywhere across the globe.

We are fully committed to staying updated on latest analytical techniques and strategic models, and we are passionate about sharing this with our clients.

Private sessions are also available at locations of your choosing

Strategy Execution

A 3-day workshop where we train you in how to successfully bring a strategy from paper into live operations.

Research shows 70% will fail to execute their strategy successfully. In our workshop we will effectively close the “Strategy Execution Gap” and significantly improve your odds of success.


Business Performance Management

At this 2-day workshop we explore the Dos and Don’ts of Business Performance Management, we also train how to identify, define and track high impact KPIs, and we discuss the best ways of relaying performance information to key stakeholders depending on context.

Also, we work carefully on what it takes to establish a healty performance colture in an organisation and how to sustain it.

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Dashboard Design & Data visualization

Dashboarding & Data visualization tools are easy to get access to, but when it comes to actually creating a dashboard that works is far less straight forward.

This 1-day workshop will provide you with the most important Dos and Don’ts of Dashbord Design and Data Visualization and we adress the key challenges you will face when communicating complex data to users.

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