Dashboard Design & Data Visualization

When building dashboards one must think of simplicity, storytelling, data accessibility, data quality AND always ask why before presenting data! 

Poor design is costly

How you build dashboards and how you choose to visualize your data will be a defining moment for whether or not a dashboard will be received well by the users.

A poor design and related bad user experiences will lead to low user acceptance and a low number of real users, compared to what surely was expected when the project was initiated.

In this workshop, we provide you with the tools and know-how that will enable you to avoid costly mistakes in the designing phase and help to ensure a great user experience from day one.

Workshop Content

Dashboard Design – the Dos and Don’ts
Data Visualisation – The Dos and Don’ts
Case reviews and discussions
The 3 types of Dashboards
Organisational Maturity
Data definitions and alignment
Self Service BI – the concept
Dashboards in Management Presentations

Who should attend

Anyone involved in designing or building dashboards for businesses and organizations.
Anyone working with financial and performance data visualization
Anyone working with management reporting and presentation of performance information.


This workshop is facilitated by René Palne, Partner and CEO of Copenhagen Strategy, he has extensive theoretical and practical experience in Strategy Execution and Performance Management.

Dashboards and Data Visualization plays a key role in both areas and René has extensive experience in making the best of this to track performance, engage users and to communicate with key stakeholders.

Upcoming Workshops

Dashboard Design & Data visualization 2-day workshop

Copenhagen 22. Mar. 2018

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