Performance Management Workshop

Some of the most successful organisations have a proven ability to identify and react extremely fast to even minor changes in business performance, this provides them a significant competitive edge – we know how to bring this to you.

Key enabler

The key enabler is a strong performance management framework where essential performance information always is available for the right people, at the right time in the right format, enabling them to act without any lengthily ”we need more information” loops..

Business performance must be measured constantly across a wide range of KPIs and should provide you with a detailed picture of current progress against your strategic objectives.
The performance information should be readily available on your phone, iPad or laptop on dashboards that visualise and helps you to interpret the data – If this is not how it works in your organisation, now might be the right time to take action.

At this 2-day workshop, we will address all key aspects of what it takes to Establish, Run and Facilitate a high impact Business Performance Management Framework in your own organisation.

As part of the workshop we will help with each participant to evaluate their own current performance management framework and from this, identify and prioritise what can be done to significantly increase the value it brings to their business.

Workshop Content

Performance Management Frameworks – the ins and outs
KPIs, Value Drivers, Cost Drivers and how to make the best use them
Strategic alignment – how to make your performance management setup improve your strategy execution
How is this relevant for your own organisation – Case reviews and group sessions
Gap analysis and action plans – moving your current framework towards a winning solution

Networking dinner (optional, but included in workshop fee)
Breakfast and lunch all days

Who should attend

Anyone who would like to improve their capabilities in Business Performance Management & Performance Reporting
Anyone with an interest in Performance Management and Data Driven Decision Making


This workshop is facilitated by René Palne, Principal Partner and CEO of Copenhagen Strategy – René has extensive theoretical and practical experience in all aspects of Strategy Execution and Performance Management.
Latest he supported the global implementation of a new Performance Management framework, base on a QlikView front-end solution, in an international Oil & Gas company

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