Strategy Execution

The future means change and in a business context, change is to be understood as sustained, substantial and transformational – no industry left untouched!

As a result, many new strategies will emerge, unfortunately, the majority will fail… one key reason is a lag of strategy execution capabilities within organizations!

Execution capabilities

Research shows that one of the dominant reasons for strategies not to materialise is a lag of strategy execution capabilities inside organisations.

Facilitating a strategy execution process is not just another project to manage, although it carries a few similarities, strategy execution requires other key capabilities and a significantly different mindset.

This 3-day workshop will increase your Strategy Execution skill-set and leave you with the knowledge and proven tools that enable you to successfully facilitate this difficult task in your own organisation or for your own clients.

Workshop Content

Case studies  & Do’s and Don’t of Strategy Execution

Group sessions, incl. review of cases from participants own organisation

External lecture from subject matter expert
(Normally a CEO with a relevant case)

Strategy Execution Toolbox:

Execution Risk management
Strategic alignment heat maps
Stakeholder mapping and management
Execution planning with clearly identified milestones and KPIs
Strategic activity prioritisation
Focus resources towards execution activities
Workstream identification and workstream organisation
Strategy Execution communication plans
Alignment of incentive plans
Monitoring and Reporting of execution progress


Who should attend

Anyone who needs to bring a strategy to life and anyone who would like to improve their capabilities in Strategy Execution



This workshop is facilitated by René Palne, Partner and CEO of Copenhagen Strategy, he has extensive theoretical and practical experience in Strategy Execution and Business Performance Management

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Strategy Execution 3-day workshop

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